Parents Guide to Handling Some Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies for kids could arise at any time. When talking about dental emergencies, this often occurs during summer vacations or when kids take part in active sports of physical activities such as jumping, playing sports, riding bikes, or other activities. Active children have the habit of running around and playing, this means that they are likely to hurt themselves by falling at times. Mouth injuries often lead to mishaps, so when you have the basic idea on how to handle dental emergencies, it will help to prevent the chances of tooth loss and other oral problems.

At the time of an emergency, as a parent, you should always remain calm and try to reassure your kid that everything is under control and it will be okay.  However, if it seems that things are not under control, then you should seek help from a dental clinic. As you go through this post, it should guide you on some of the best approaches you should take as a parent to handle some common dental emergencies.

Canker Sore or Cold Sore

Many children often suffer from canker sores and cold sores, at such times, for sudden emergencies, you can seek the help of some over-the-counter medications and remedies, which should help to provide your child with some form of relief. It is necessary that you know some medicines can take their time to work before the sores heal fully. For canker sores, they take about 7-10 days for full recovery. In case your child’s sore remains present, it is necessary that you ask a Child Dentist to evaluate the condition, especially because most oral health diseases begin as mouth sores.

Bitten Lip or Cheek

In case your child ends up biting his or her own tongue or lip, enough to cause bleeding, you should clean the bite carefully with some water and use cold compresses to avoid or reduce swelling. Of course, if you feel you cannot handle the situation, you should seek the help of a dental specialist in your area.

Loss of Permanent Tooth

In case your child ends up losing a permanent tooth, try to keep the misplaced tooth wet until you contact a dentist. If it is possible for you, you should replace it into the tooth socket. However, if your child says they feel pain, place it between their gums or cheek. You can even place it in some milk, which should try to save it and maintain it in the best condition. Avoid putting the tooth in the patient’s mouth, especially if you have worries that they may swallow it.

Fractured tooth, Broken, or chipped

If your little one has a broken or chipped tooth off his or her mouth, you should have them rinse their mouth with some warm water or use cold compresses, which should reduce the swelling and feeling of pain. You should save the tooth and try to locate any broken fragment. For further care on dental emergencies like this, you can call a dentist.

A toothache

You should clean the affected area properly with some warm water. Afterward, you can floss the affected tooth and neighboring teeth to remove any food residual. If your child has a swollen face, you should place some cold compresses on their face and make an appointment to meet the dentist. It is necessary to note that you should avoid giving aspirin or applying it on their tooth. Infection spreading could be quite dangerous for young kids and lead to some serious health problems.

An Object Caught in their Mouth

If something is stuck in between your child’s teeth, you can use some dental floss to remove it gently. Always avoid using plastic, metal, or any sharp tool for the removal of a stuck object. However, if you are unable to take the item out with a dental floss, you should consult experts.

Broken Jaw

If you are suspecting that your child has a broken jaw, you should use some cold compresses to keep the swelling under control. In several cases, a broken jaw results from blow on the head or when the jaw encounters collision suddenly. Severe blows to the head can be quite dangerous, sometimes even life-threatening.

Loose Tooth

Probably your child may be having a loose tooth. If he or she complains about any such problems, it is advisable that you take them to an oral health specialist or else they may end up swallowing it.

As a parent, you should try to take some sudden precautionary measures to ensure the dental emergency of your child doesn’t go out of hand. However, if you are not sure of how to control the situation, you should seek immediate expert care.


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