What to eat to keep your teeth strong?

It is very important to look after the health of the mouth. People do not pay much attention to their oral health and this can cost them a lot in the future. Oral issues, if not treated in time can lead to so many serious issues, even heart disease and mental health issues. It is imperative to look after the oral health and do whatever we can to keep them in good condition.

While taking care of the mouth, people pay attention to their brushing and flossing but what they fail to look after is their diet. The diet of the person also has a huge impact on the oral health. Here are certain food items that one should eat in order to get good oral health.

Dairy products

Dairy products are very good for the mouth. The dairy products are the primary source of calcium and it is the key ingredient that makes the enamel stronger. The enamel is a protective layer and it protects the mouth from so many serious infections.

Firm, crunchy fruits and vegetables.

The fresh leafy vegetables are very good for the mouth and so are the crunchy fruits. You have to chew such food items more that the other food items and that produces more saliva. Saliva is the best neutralizer for the mouth. It is like a scrub for the mouth that naturally washes away all the harmful bacteria from the mouth, keeping it clean and plaque free.

Food rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D, just like calcium is very good for the teeth. In fact, the deficiency of vitamin D also means that the teeth wont absorb the calcium. Both are equally necessary for the mouth. The best source for Vitamin D is sunlight, but it can be found in good quantity in food items like fish, egg yolk and liver oil.

Foods rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very good for the body. It is powerful and can help strengthen the blood vessels and reduce inflammation. This helps in keeping the gums strong. In fact, vitamin C is an important source to keep the mouth fighting against the periodontal disease. In the absence of Vitamin C, the mouth becomes more skeptical to periodontal disease. Food items like bell peppers, oranges, kiwi, strawberries and broccoli are a rich source of Vitamin C.

What we consume has a lot of impact in our oral health. Hence, we should not neglect ou eating habits if we are trying to take care of the oral health. Sugary items are specially to be refrained as they do not good to the body and instead worsen the condition of the tooth. Similarly, items drinks like wine and coffee can stain your teeth and if not cleaned properly, take away the whiteness of the teeth permanently. Teeth polishing cost is not too much and if your teeth have stains, then you must get them polished.

Along with that, make sure you follow your dental routine. Brush twice a day and floss everyday. This will wash away the bacteria from the mouth. Alongside, make sure you visit the dentist regularly.