5 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Sweets Every Day

Your diet plays a crucial role in determining what goes on inside the mouth. Now if you have the habit of eating sugars all round the clock then you may want to give second thoughts to it.

It jeopardises the overall health like no other. This is primarily because the sweets consist of sugars and research shows that sugar can have a poisonous effect on the body. That is why most of the reputed doctors and the dentist Bushwick suggests that it is okay to have sugar in limited amounts but too much is without doubt quite harmful.

Here are some of the major ways in which eating sugar can harm your health in more ways than one. Just read on.

  • Excessive Sugar Causes the Blood Sugar Levels to Spike – Eating sugar raises the level of blood sugar to a whole new level for a short time and then sugar level crashes down. The fluctuating blood sugar levels lead to anxiety. Not only that, mood swings, headaches, fatigue and cravings for more sugar are also associated with it.
  • Excessive Sugar Leads to Liver Harm – Prior to the sugar entering the body, it passes through the liver and breaks it down. If you eat a lot of sweets your liver has to work overtime for processing the sugar and convert it to fat. Overtime some of these sugars actually get stuck to the liver that can lead to fatty liver ailment.
  • Unlimited Sugar Intake Damages the Heart– The pumping mechanism of the heart is affected by sugar. It raises your triglyceride, increases abdominal obesity, increases bad cholesterol and enhances your chances of suffering from heart failure.
  • Excessive Sugar Makes You Gain Weight – When it comes to candy and sweets it is hard to eat just one.  They are so small that you don’t realise how much you are consuming. You just start with one or two and continue with far more and before knowing you may have already eaten a lot. Those sweets consist of the empty calories and get digested quickly and use up the minerals of the body during digestion. They consist of no vitamins, healthy diets, proteins, enzymes or minerals.
  • Sugar is the Main Culprit in Spoiling the Teeth – You usually chew the food and swallow it so that it does not remain in the mouth. But you have the tendency to suck the sweets endlessly. So your teeth are bathed in sugars for hours together. As the sugars can be digested easily you do not have to go for the harmful bacteria in the mouth and they can feast on them happily and multiply. These bacteria can create several issues in the mouth like enamel erosion, cavities, gum disease and tooth decay.

It is for this reason that you should stay away from sweets as much as possible and pay regular visits to the best dentist in Greenpoint so that any problem lurking in the mouth can be detected early and you are able to treat and prevent it before any terrible harm is done on your teeth.