10 Benefits of Brushing Your Teeth Twice a Day

Healthy teeth means healthy body. This precisely sumps up why you should brush your teeth daily. In fact, not taking proper oral care can cause a variety of health risks which you would definitely want to avoid. Despite that, so many people don’t take oral care routine that seriously but they later repent on. You however should not make the same mistake and rather brush your teeth daily, and twice a day. This will not only ensure you the pearly whites you always crave but may also boost your confidence a lot.

Here are 10 benefits of brushing your teeth twice a day –

#1 Healthier and whiter teeth

Regular brushing helps you get healthier and whiter teeth. If you ignore oral care, your teeth will be the first to get affected. When you brush, all harmful bacteria and plaque are cleaned out thereby keeping your teeth whiter and stronger. People who don’t brush daily end up having bad and stained teeth which also impacts their overall look and feel.

#2 Fresh breath

Lack of oral hygiene is the major reason behind bad breath. If you are careless towards your teeth cleaning and brushing, this may make the breath stinky over a period of time. Not brushing the teeth regularly means you allow bacteria build up in mouth which is the reason of for a whole lot of dental troubles. Daily brushing can help you keep off those bacteria and leave you with a fresh breath.

#3 No gum disease

When we don’t brush, a film of plaque starts building up on the tooth. And this very plaque can harden into tartar or calculus causing a yellow lining on the base of the tooth. This is called Gingivitis, a gum disease with potential to tooth decay. Brushing can help you stay away from gum disease and prevent any type of gum inflammation.

#4 No teeth stains or discoloration

People who don’t brush daily end getting stained or discolored teeth. This may happen due to bad food choices and also due to lack of oral care. However, brushing the teeth can help remove all those debris and stains that dent the whitening charms of the teeth. With regular brushing, you will wash away anything stuck between the teeth or mouth to keep the teeth healthier and whiter as well.

#5 Reduced risk of heart attack

Yes, you heard it right. Brushing your teeth daily can help reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. This happens as brushing keeps away bacteria and plaque from your mouth and does not allow them to enter the bloodstream. And if they did, there would be chances of cholesterol build up in arteries which can impact the flow of blood to and fro the heart. And this is how chances of heart attack go up.

#6 Prevent or minimize diabetes

People with gum disease are more likely to have diabetes. Or, diabetics are more at risk of getting gum disease. Clearly, you are risk from both ends and you should brush daily to prevent gum disease. If you don’t care for oral hygiene, this may lead to gum disease which can make it difficult to manage or control blood glucose levels.

#7 Re-mineralize your teeth

Brushing is very helpful in maintaining dental health. It not only helps keep bacteria and plaque away but can also mineralize your teeth. The fluoride in your toothpaste is actually very powerful when it comes to providing strength to the enamel. It is basically a type of mineral required by your teeth for vigor. For that reason, dentists recommend brushing your teeth with only fluoride-containing toothpaste.

#8 Lower pregnancy complications

Chances of premature birth are more in women with gum disease. Similarly, low birth weight is also a condition whose likelihood increases when gum disease strikes. For that reason, pregnant ladies should be extra careful about their oral health. If they don’t brush daily, there will always be a risk of bacteria and plaque entering the bloodstream and causing some damages to different organs and creating pregnancy complications.

#9 Feel confident and be kissable

When your teeth are healthy and breath is fresh, you feel confident. Poor oral health can lead to a variety of dental problems including bad breath. And you know nobody wants to kiss people whose breath stinks. So, you should brush and floss daily so that your teeth are gleaning white and your self-confidence on a different level altogether.

#10 Save money

Ask people how they suffer just for the sake of ignoring their oral care. They would advise you never to skip brushing else it could lead to bigger problems. And such problems always need more dental care which involves money. You may even lose your teeth and require treatments like teeth in a day long island. So, maintain oral hygiene and save money in the process.