12 Common Myths about Dental Implants

There was a time in the not-so-distant-past when people who were suffering from tooth loss could only opt for dentures to restore their oral health. All that’s changed now, due to advances in the field of dental technology. Today we have sophisticated dental implants for the restoration of single and multiple teeth. However, many people shy away from dental implants because they believe some very common myths about this treatment option. Here are a few of those myths, debunked for your pleasure.

#1 It Takes A Long Time To Recover From The Dental Implant Procedure

It takes anywhere from two to six months to heal from a dental implant procedure but the time varies from patient to patient. It takes a bit more time for the implant root to bond to the bone underlying the gum tissue. It is well worth the wait, as you will see when you get your regular smile back.

#2 Dental Implants are An Expensive Option

Consider the long-term savings. You could opt for dental bridges but they will need to be replaced in a few years. Dental implants are therefore much cheaper, because they are a permanent option.

#3 Dental Implants Are Easy To Notice

Dental implants closely resemble natural teeth. The actual implant is done by a screw that’s drilled deep into the gum layer, which cannot be seen from the outside.

#4 Dental Implants Can Be Placed By Just Any Dentist

Any dentist who has a valid license can perform dental implant surgery but not all dentists will have thorough clinical training. Choose the right dentist. Trained dental surgeons have the know-how and experience to take care of potential procedural complications and after-care.

#5 Dental Implantation Process Is Very Risky

Dental implants have been evolving for over 50 years, and have shown a remarkable success rate of 95% so far. Chose the right dental surgeon and you will enjoy a smooth treatment with no complications.

#6 All Dental Implant Treatments Are The Same

Be wary of cheaply priced dental implants. These may not be of good quality at all. The screws must be of high-grade titanium and all other components must be very high quality. If the components are cheap, then the entire procedure is a sham. Check the dentist’s testimonials, customer reviews and ratings as well before you make up your mind on the treatment.

#7 A Lot Of Care Is Required To Maintain Dental Implants

Treat your dental implant just like you would treat any other regular tooth. Brush it and floss it along with your other teeth. No other special care is required. You can eat what you want and even chew gum. After a while you’ll forget you have a dental implant.

#8 Dental Implants Are Uncomfortable And Painful

The procedure is fairly simple and less painful than people imagine. Local anaesthesia is used to sedate you during the procedure. If you suffer further anxiety, nitrous oxide may be used to further relax you.

#9 Bargain Implants Are Just As Good As the Time-consuming Real Implants

Some dentists advertise bargain implants, which rarely turn out to be a bargain. Cutting corners can result in sometimes irreparable issues and negative treatment outcomes.  Don’t give into claims of bargain implants or you might have to get your implants redone at a substantial cost later on. The damage is so severe in some cases that it simply cannot be repaired at all.

#10 Mini Implants – Best Solution For Stabilizing Dentures

Mini implants are only a short term solution before full implants are put in. Mini implants definitely cannot take the place of conventional full implants so don’t go for it.

#11 The Titanium Used In Dental Implants Causes Headache Or Migraine

Detailed clinical research and sampling have been done to ascertain this claim. So far it’s been found to be a mere myth. Some patients feel a headache after surgery but that could be due to stress.

#12 An Old Person Is Not A Good Candidate For Dental Implants.

It’s not the age but rather the health of the jaw bone that indicates who’s a good candidate for dental implants and who’s not. Some people have had dental implants done well into their 90s.

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