10 Reasons Why Patients Would Choose You as Their Elite Invisalign Provider

If you are reading this, probably you are considering the idea of enrolling in continuing education to learn about how you can improve and straighten the teeth of your patients. An equally important aspect of your decision (one that you haven’t considered) is how the treatment you offer will affect the life of your patient. When patients consider you, of course, they wouldn’t want to work with a hobby mechanic who works on a Porsche. In the case of Invisalign, patients always want to choose an elite provider.

Nowadays, so many people rely on orthodontists for treatment plans that could rectify their oral health. One of such includes the use of Invisalign, an orthodontic appliance that helps to reposition the teeth of patients. If you are an Invisalign provider or an experienced orthodontist, it is worth it to consider enrolling in orthodontic continuing education and upgrade your knowledge in the options and trends in the treatment plan.

If you are a trained orthodontist, here are ten reasons why your patients should consider choosing you as their Elite provider. First, let’s look at who elite providers are in the field of orthodontics.

Who is an Elite Invisalign Provider?

You should know that elite Invisalign provider are those specialists that fall in the top 5% of providers, designated by the brand Invisalign. These orthodontists are those who have been working with the Invisalign product for a very long time, with treating at least 300 patients in a lifetime. For Invisalign providers, this level of achievement is the highest one.

#1.     Elite Providers Treat a Wide Range of Cases

When you become an elite Invisalign provider, this will require you to treat a minimum of three hundred plus cases of Invisalign successfully. With so much experience, you will be able to treat moderate to complex orthodontic cases using Invisalign.

#2.     It Differentiates You from General Dentists

Even though general dentists can treat a wide range of orthodontic cases, many refer patients to experienced specialists. As an elite provider, you will be able to help improve the bite and guide the jaw to ensure a healthier mouth and smile. Know that Invisalign is not simply a product but a technique that is part of orthodontics.

#3.     Elite Providers Know Their Job

With so much experience, when patients visit you as their elite Invisalign provider they will be at ease because they trust that you know your job and can help them with their oral health problems.

#4.     Elite Invisalign Providers Show the Best Results

Since you are equipped with knowledge of Invisalign, you can show potential patients actual photos of other patients and Invisalign success. You can also see patients who are wearing or have worn the dental appliance.

#5.     You are Reliable

It is obvious, being an elite provider shows all your patients that you have gone through extensive training and continue to add more to your knowledge through Gerety Orthodontic Seminars courses to achieve this designation.

#6.     You Can Provide the Treatment at a Better Price

Since you treat a high number of cases with Invisalign, as an elite provider, you can offer your patients Invisalign at a lower price compared to other providers. In addition, you can even pass lab savings, and make Invisalign accessible and affordable as conventional braces.

#7.     Treat Oral Health Problems of People of All Ages

Regardless of the age of your patient, whether a teenager or an elderly person, you will be confident enough to tackle a broad range of cases, hence you can treat various the oral health problems of different people.

#8.     Improving the Smile of Your Patients

As an elite provider, you will be able to improve the smile of your patients via the use of clear, smooth aligners. You can guide them on how to use it and the duration of how long they wear it.

#9.     You Guide Them

Your patients may have different oral health problems like crossbites, overbites, crooked teeth or other problems. When they choose you as their elite provider, you will be able to guide your patients on how they can use the clear aligners, the times they can remove it, how often they can brush and more.

#10.    Develop a Good Treatment Plan

So many people choose to use the innovative Invisalign system to straighten their teeth as well as close any kind of gap in their smiles. The dentists who provide this treatment can develop a working plan for the patient’s treatment and show patients exactly what their smile should appear like in the days to come.

With so many Invisalign providers in this field, it becomes quite difficult to distinguish experts in the Invisalign field. When you receive the “elite” designation, you should rest assured that you have the proper experience to treat a wide range of cases.

To be able to provide the best care for your patients battling with misaligned teeth, it is best that you squeeze some time and enroll in orthodontic seminars or course, whether online or on-site. You can consult the right providers of orthodontic continuing education in your area about the duration and the possible outcome you should achieve using Invisalign.